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John Esparza

What started your career in the beauty industry?
I initially started my career as a make-up artist working with several photographers around the LA area. I always ended up getting stuck styling hair as well so I enrolled in cosmetology.

If you could name one thing about your industry that you love what would that be?
Having the client that is sitting in my chair light up when they see how good they look.

Do you have any hobbies?
Aside from hair and make-up I really enjoy fashion photography. We as a salon have really been pushing more and more shoots. They keep us on our toes as well as give us great original content to share on our social media.

Any words of advice for upcoming stylists?
Yes. Nothing in this world comes easy, work hard, learn as much as you can and LOVE your craft. Because if you don’t, it will show!

Name the last place you visited that you loved.
I would say “The Springs” in the artists district. An amazing space with great art, amazing vegan-raw food and shopping area. Very green and beautiful.


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